Sweet, Tart

Local fruit trees bloomed early this year… but then they were lucky, because they did not get hit by a frost afterwards. See third picture down on my March 22 post for this plum in bloom. Now it’s full of fruit.

Other places were not so lucky: this year’s tart cherry harvest in Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin, for instance, is expected to be the smallest ever. I bought farmer’s market sour cherries, as I generally know them, the other day for $4/pint; they were from New Jersey. BTW, if you’re not familiar with this type of cherry, also known as pie cherries, which have a brief season and limited vendors (most people, who know no better, want the sweet ones, which tend to be rather insipid), you must seek them out: they are ones you bake with, make cordials out of, etc.

1 Response to “Sweet, Tart”

  1. 1 lolasanrose June 17, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    here in north little rock, arkansas, we are staying on the arkansas river. there is one cherry tree in one of two grassy place. we are rv traveling. wishing i were here to see the cherry blossoms.

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