Four Sparrow’s Pay-to-Play Played Out?

The plan to despoil Four Sparrow Marsh has been withdrawn. I’ve written a lot about this unique corner of the borough and why it’s so special, so I’m glad to hear this wretched idea has been shelved. (For how long, for what reason, I don’t know.)

While the wheels of environmental impact statements and economic development grind slowly, the real power behind “development” is rather more rarely revealed. But a lot of attention was paid to this plan, and once you start smacking the hardtack on the table, the maggots do come tumbling out.

One of the local powerbrokers was indicted: State Senator Carl Kruger’s croakings against big box stores were — allegedly — in the service of his own developer buddy (Kruger pled guilty). [UPDATE: Sheepshead Bay Bites is on the beat.] You see, developers are in competition, too, to own the most politicians. Or is it politicians in competition to own the most developers? This week’s detailing of Borough President Marty Markowitz’s modern slush fund, in which developers launder cash through his “charities,” has also opened a door to the behind-the-scenes ugliness of development — and goes a long way to explaining the shit that has been built in Brooklyn in recent years. (Boodle Hall, I call it — in honor of both Tammany and Borough Halls — the capitol of our shining city on a bill.)

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