Deer Vomit & Honeybees Again

The cutting down of this mature Sycamore Maple resulted in a plethora of sap, which in turn feeds a slime flux of incredible colors.

This is a fungus, or rather several fungi, including yeasts, and probably some bacterias. (Deer Vomit is the common name for Fusicolla merismoides, which may be a species complex, but there may well be other fungal species represented in the mix.)

It looks like mozzarella, cheddar, and Velveeta were all mixed together. It sort of has the consistency of cold mozzarella on a pizza.


In the news: A couple of Honey Bee hives were recently added to the roof of the Brooklyn Museum as if it was 2000. Against all the science, the mistaken notion that these farm animals represent a victory for biodiversity continues to go strong. The word is getting out, though, in bits and pieces: this month’s Anthropocene Magazine reports on a study in Montreal charting the decline of indigenous bee species as the honeybee population explodes.

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