Latest Insects

Finally, a warm day! Saturday’s southwinds turned the temperature up to 70F for the first time, and the joint was jumping!

Saw my first Eastern Carpenter Bees of the season: this one on Lesser Celandine and another on Japanese Andromeda.

Sedgesitter fly of some sort on Lesser Celandine.

Black-shouldered Drone Fly on Virginia Spring Beauty.

Mining bee (maybe) on Japanese Andromeda.

Sweat bee (maybe) in Dandelion.

Reproductive ants were a-wing, too. American Winter Ant gyne (presumptive queen), much larger than the males:

This female has dropped her wings, so presumably she has mated and is looking for a place to start a colony.

News: my dearheart Molly is teaching two Introduction to Diversity of Plant Forms classes at BBG this spring. The first is on spore plants, the second on seed plants. Collect ’em all!

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