Ospreys Return

Last Monday I saw three Ospreys in a two-hour walk, my first sightings of the year. The bottom two photographed were high over Green-Wood heading northeasterly at the same time. The first pictured was rather lower; the bird circled around 4th Avenue and then headed back water-ward (west) towards the bay. That’s the direction of Bush Terminal Park, where last year a pair nested. That was the first use of the nest platform set up for them several years back. The nest was unsuccessful. (Like the platform at Brooklyn Bridge Park, this one might just be too close to too many people.)

In past years, Osprey nesting in both Jamaica Bay and Nantucket, MA (the same person organized these projects) were satellite-tracked. The birds flew to Colombia in the fall and then came back up in the spring, taking about 14 days each way. In Colombia over the non-breeding season, they stuck close to the same spots.

Another sighting, this time on Saturday over 4th Avenue again…

The big raptor flew past a male American Kestrel perched near his nest. (More on Raptor Wednesday)

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