Mammal Monday

A couple of Eastern Grey Squirrels tucked into this tree. One had a mouthful of dry leaves, new insulation. Unlike in local parks, Green-Wood’s squirrels are fairly shy. (No picnickers to provide food; no European tourists to be rolled.)

And then there’s….

Two skulls found under a pine that hosted a Red-tailed Hawk nest last spring. These actually seem to be Brown Rat rather than Gray Squirrel, but the idea is the same: rodents beware!

On the other paw, climbing up a Poison Ivy festooned stump?

No big deal!

You never know what will turn up under a Yew. It has been suggested this is a domestic cat skull.

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  1. 1 nature969 January 16, 2023 at 3:39 pm

    Nice photos and descriptions!

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