Red-breasted Raptors

The first rule of Raptor Club is to look at every raptor. Blob in a tree is probably a Red-tailed Hawk. Unless it isn’t, as in this case. Look at those tail stripes!

A red vest to go with the pinstripes on the tail. Very debonair is an adult Red-shouldered Hawk.

Some polka dots on the wings, too. I believe this is the first adult Red-shouldered I’ve seen perched in Green-Wood. Pity it took off before I got some better photos.

Now, on this topic of red-breasted raptors, how about some Accipiters? This adult Sharp-shinned was brought to my attention by a very put-out nuthatch. I never saw the mcnutty, but I sure heard it’s steady alarm call.

Remember, juvenile Accipiters have dark vertical streaks, not these horizontal russet streaks.

Inside a Yew, one of their favorite places, an adult Coopers listens to all the songbird action nearby.


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