Some More Birds

House Finch male in an exotic Sweetgum.

Purple Finch female in the White Ash samaras. She has to bill-worry the seed out of the wing.

Flatbread and Starling.

And House Sparrows.

The obscure red belly of a Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Yellow-rumped Warblers with prey.

It’s the season of periodic flocks of Robins.

A hollow in this beech is almost always filled with water.

3 Responses to “Some More Birds”

  1. 1 Chuck McAlexander November 21, 2022 at 7:54 am

    Many birders are waking to the idea of winter birding. The norm used to be putting the binoculars away after fall migration and leaving them until spring migration. Now, they can enjoy the bounty they have missed. And it is wonderful!

  2. 2 Paul Lamb November 21, 2022 at 2:22 pm

    I’ve always thought that if Tiffany had designed a bird, it would have been the Blue Jay.

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