Most Edible-looking Galls of the Season

Kokkocynips rileyi on Scarlet Oak/Quercus coccinea. A new paper says the caps on these attract ants.
This looks like it might be another Kokkocynips rileyi. On Northern Red Oak/Q. rubra.
Zopheroteras guttatum on Shingle Oak/Q. imbricaria.
Some of these are awfully small.
Zopheroteras sphaerula on Red Oak/Q. rubra
Andricus quercusstrobilanus on Swamp White Oak/Q. bicolor.
They look like they might be chewy, but are actually quite hard.
Philonix fulvicollis on White Oak/Q. alba. “On” except these had already fallen off the leaves and were underneath this majestic tree.
Andricus dimorphus on fallen White Oak leaf.
A lot of these are detachable and end up on the ground.

1 Response to “Most Edible-looking Galls of the Season”

  1. 1 nature969 October 16, 2022 at 11:04 am

    Great photos of a fascinating phrnomenon! Thank you for identifying these galls!

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