For the longest time, I was only finding two species of Hackberry galls here in the city. There are 29 listed on, but of course these are from across the U.S. This year, I’ve added three more species of inducers.. Above are Hackberry Thorn Gall Midge (Celticecis spiniformis).
Meanwhile, on a grape leaf: Grape Tube Gallmaker (Ampelomyia viticola). Another species of gall midge.
Phylloxera caryaesemen on Hickory (Carya).Aphids, in this case.
Hickory Sticky Ginger Jar Gall Midge (Caryomyia viscidolium) or Hickory Fuzzy Ginger Jar Gall Midge (Caryomyia cilidolium). Leaning to the latter. Hickories are particularly good hosts for gall-inducers: lists 120 species. I’ve seen 14, including these recent ones:
On a different hickory sapling: Caryomyia hirtidolium.
And another. I’m less confident on the ID of these. Hickory Beret Gall Midge (Caryomyia biretta)?

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