Swamp Darner

Am I seeing more Swamp Darners or am I just better at seeing them?
This one is shredding a stink bug.
Afterwards, tiny flies swarmed the big dragonfly. All over the face and eyes.

2 Responses to “Swamp Darner”

  1. 1 Richard Lefkowitz July 16, 2022 at 10:09 am

    Hi Matthew, Thank you for your postings of natural life in our city; they inspire me to explore and learn.  I’m taking a course in dragonflies and damselflies from NYBG.  Could you let me know where you’ve been spotting the Swamp Darners: I’d like to explore that area for my course work. I’ve been using my smart phone to photograph dragonflies and damselflies:  the results are generally poor and out of focus.  I want to start looking for a lower-end DSLR camera with a zoom lens for macro-photography.  Do you have any recommendations? Thanks for all, Richard Lefkowitz  

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