Real Bugs

Wait, that “thorn”…
…is actually a Widefooted Treehopper.
A leafhopper, perhaps Aphrodes makarovi?
Spittlebug nymphs coat themselves in this frothy substance.
The adults are harder to spot. Sunflower Spittlebug, I think.
Black Locust Treehopper. Actually on Staghorn Sumac here, but with plenty of Black Locust around.
Locust Treehopper.

Spittlebugs, leafhoppers and treehoppers are in the infraorder Cicadomorpha, which, as its name suggests, also includes the cicadas. Heard my first of the year over the weekend of the 4th. Was standing by a tree with one sounding off in it, unseen, and spotted the shed exoskeleton of the nymph stage.

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