Recently Spotted:

American Snout
Bent-shielded Besieger. (Now there’s a name for a Berserker!) Have seen precisely two of these in Brooklyn, both along the same block, the fenced edge of Green-Wood two years apart.
One of the cuckoo leaf-cutter bees.
Red-banded Leafhopper
Bluets and their reflections.
Locust Treehopper.

FYI: The Empire State Pollinator Native Pollinator Survey 2017-2021 is out. From the executive summary: “We found that, using conservative criteria, 38% of New York’s native pollinators (of our focal taxa only) are at risk of extirpation from NY. In the worst-case scenario, as much as 60% of the native insect pollinator fauna may be at risk. 

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