When I started this nature-watching thing, I had no idea there were so many spiders out there. Tutelina genus above.
Or that they would be such a challenge to identify. I think this is a female Striped Lynx Spider (Oxyopes salticus).
I was attempting a closer shot when she jumped. Not unexpectedly, but it wasn’t my approach. She’d grabbed a fly.
And on the same plant, a male Striped Lynx Spider (Oxyopes salticus).
Or that so many would be runners and jumpers instead of orb-web builders. Another tentative ID: Eastern Parson Spider (Herpyllus ecclesiasticus).
Couldn’t get the right angle for this one.
Putnam’s Jumping Spider (Phidippus putnami).
Pardosa thin-legged wolf spider with egg case.
Crab spider.
Orbweaver, but which one? You’d think with this distinctive pattern this would be easy to sort out.

1 Response to “Spiders”

  1. 1 Chuck McAlexander June 24, 2022 at 7:37 am

    No demon, monster or dragon anywhere in history, culture or fable can compare with the multitude of hungry creatures which surround us. Whether we live with them or they live on, or in us, were it not for the difference in size we would have been horribly consumed long ago. The very Devil, himself holds less terror than would a spider or mosquito our same size. Yet, they are beautiful.

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