Flying form of a woolly aphid, I guess. Not to be confused with the bits of white fluff attached to Eastern Cottonwood seeds, also in the air of late.

Just hearing about the comment period for the East and West Pond Stewardship Plan at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Comments accepted until the 7th. Yikes!

Unlike the typical National Wildlife Refuge, run by U.S.Fish and Wildlife, JBWR is a National Parks Service operation, part of the Jamaica Bay National Recreation Area. (That’s right, it’s not a national park, which has made a big difference.) As with NYCParks, which receives less than 1% of the city’s budget, the NPS is an underfunded/understaffed bureaucracy barely up to the job of combatting invasive species, maintaining biodiversity, and protecting habitat from the destroyers.

Jamaica Bay Guardian Don Riepe’s comments, found a little further down in this email chain, are a good place to start for ideas. Hell, just quote him if you don’t have time to be an advocate, and who does? Yet we’re forced to.

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