The Littoral

There are no deer in Bensonhurst or Coney Island, but this one ended up dead on the rocky shore of Calvert Vaux Park.
Yet there is a submarine–go figure.
Coney Island Creek
Gravesend Bay, with the Verrazano Bridge in the background the remains of an old pier in the foreground. There used to be a ferry here.
Things float ashore, from old boats to Water Chestnut seed pods (Trapa natans) from up the Hudson.
Heron, presumably.
Domestic pig. Hmmm.
An exotic clam in the seafood trade, Meretrix lyrata. Somebody either brought these here to eat or to feed to the gulls. Half a dozen people were actually clamming along the grizzly shore here, presumably going after soft and hardshell clams.

2 Responses to “The Littoral”

  1. 1 Sherry Felix May 4, 2022 at 5:34 am

    Strange place for the deer. Maybe it drowned?

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