Raptor Wednesday

The last couple of times I’ve been down to Bush Terminal Park, an Osprey has been perched on the lone piling off-shore.
And there were sticks in the nest platform for the first time since the park opened.
A fact which intrigued these Fish Crows. I wondered if these two were going to take some of these sticks, perhaps for a nest of their own? They didn’t.
This one was here the whole time the crows were on the platform. Hard to see here, but the bird has a fish in talons.
An Osprey over Green-Wood, so perhaps a different bird. This past weekend, I heard that two were in fact seen in the Bush Terminal nest platform. It’s notable that Ospreys are using this platform while the jetty extending down towards it is closed for construction. (Gulls have also clustered on the now no-access structure, which I’m guessing they did at night when the park was closed.) People at the end of the jetty would be about 200 feet from the nest. On the other side, people can get to about 150 feet from the nest platform, even though this area is supposedly off-limits.
The desire path on the right sure make a mockery of the sign on the left. People are in here to party, fish, run their unleashed dogs, and camp. There’s little to no enforcement n NYC parks, which get less of 1% of the city budget. This gap was fenced off with wooden slats more recently than this picture of 3/27, but then the wire fencing next to the new wood was immediately pushed down.

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