Old Nests

I wonder if this is the Gray Catbird nest that was built here back in July?
Very near to it on the ground was another smaller nest remains.
Here’s another I found soon after, in a gully by the side of a road. Very conceivably, this fell out of the tree and rolled down the hill here. These just go to show you how durable such structures are, more than half a year after being made. (My pocketknife is 3.5″ or about 9cm long).

1 Response to “Old Nests”

  1. 1 Charles McAlexander March 17, 2022 at 12:12 pm

    When they gave humans the materials and told them to make a copy of a nest the results were, at best, laughable. The skill birds exhibit in many of their doings is remarkable. But then, what should we expect from 200 million years of evolution?

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