Sun Dog

A most spectacular sun dog or mock sun or parhelion the other day in the late afternoon. Sunlight is being reflected and refracted off ice-crystals.
“Sun dog” is obscure, but may refer to dogging or following the sun. Another theory nods to the Nordic countries, where these rainbow segments are dogs or wolves attending the sun.
Sometimes there are two, one on each side of the sun. I’ve seen that, but I’ve never seen one so bright and colorful as this lone example. Actually, I couldn’t see the other side from inside the apartment, so who knows, it may have been double-barreled. These are, they say, best when the sun is on the horizon.

Have you been following the travails of the National Butterfly Center in Mission, TX? They launched a lawsuit against the Trump-wreckers ripping through their land to build the environmentally devastating border wall, and have since born the brunt of the crazies of the Republican Coup Party’s terrorist wing. They’ve lately shut down indefinitely because of threats.

I visited in May 2014.

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