A Selection of Beetles

.Tentatively identified as Big-headed Ground Beetle (Scarites subterraneus). Alternate common name: Tunneling Large Penducculate Beetle. About an inch long.
Pigweed Flea Beetle (Disonycha glabrata), also tentatively identified. So many beetles, so little time…
Locust Borer (Megacyllene robiniae). It’s the larvae who do the boring.
Speaking of boring: Curculio genus, I think, one of the nut and acorn weevils. This one was underneath a Pin Oak hailing acorns.
Altica litigata, maybe, or maybe not. Have I said there are a lot of beetle species out there? Arthur V. Evans’s Beetles of the Eastern North America has 1.409 species in it, and it can’t be comprehensive. Too many beetles in this planet of beetles. Many species can only be identified by examine the male genitalia,
Terminal Net-winged Beetle (Caenia dimidiata).

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