Brood X: A Spectacular Spectacle

The abdomen is mostly hollow.

Brood X is nearing the end of its absolute reign upon the regions graced with it. The tiny larvae are probably already dropping out of their twig nests and burrowing into the earth. They will emerge in 2038. What will be the state of the planet then?

2024 is the next periodical cicada year: the Great Southern Brood (Brood XIX; 13-year cicadas) will emerge across fifteen southern states. Brood XIII also emerges in 2024, in IA, IL,IN, and WI. Here’s a schedule.

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1 Response to “Brood X: A Spectacular Spectacle”

  1. 1 Ellen June 13, 2021 at 9:00 am

    Ok, the creepiest thing is the hollow abdomen.

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