Horned Oak Gall Wasp on pin oak.
Wooly Catkin Gall Wasp on scarlet oak.
Macrodiplosis majalis on pin oak. This one is a midge, not a gall wasp.

This is the work Contarinia racemi, a midge that forces these swellings on black cherry racemes. You really have to immerse yourself in the foliage this time of year.

Petiole gall on eastern cottonwood. Perhaps an aphid this time.
Elm Sack Gall Aphid, I think, on elm.

There are a lot of these out there. So far I’ve found some 9 species of gall mites; 20 species of gall midges, and 33 species of gall wasps in Brooklyn, almost all in Green-Wood Cemetery.

Not counting this one, on red oak saplings. Folks on iNaturalist think it may be un-described.
Same with this one, unknown on catkins of willow oak.

The collection plate…

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