There are times I yearn for a long lens.
For instance, that pink bit to the right in this Common Raven nest is the open-mouthed gape of a nestling.
And there’s another! To the left of the parent this time, harder to see.
Of course, some sun would have been nice, too.
Imagine my surprise when I saw a construction guy on top of the tower, above the nest. There’s work going on up there.
The parents nearby.

It’s so nosy on around the bridge, what with construction, traffic, more construction at Fulton Ferry, the harbor, etc., that I could barely hear the Raven calling from up on the wires. This one, on a near by building, was more audible.

There were nests all around. Pigeons are probably also nesting on the bridge. Starlings are using these little holes in a small building. And that’s a Common Grackle in the awning of the Music Barge. Only thing I didn’t see any evidence of were Barn Swallows, who have nested under Pier 1 for years.

Meanwhile, back in Green-Wood…

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