A nice patch of spring beauties was mowed over in Green-Wood last week. The death-cult of the lawn is still triumphant. We should honor our dead with life, living plants and the animals they foster. This Oblique-banded Pond Fly (Sericomyia chrysotoxoides) was found on another, larger patch more recently.

Speaking of living… these are, I think, wooly aphids of some kind sucking linden juice.
Another aphid species (?), on Japanese creeper.
Maple Bladdergall Mite on silver maple.
Black-shouldered Drone Fly on Malus.
An Andrena genus mining bee on the same crabapple.
One of, I think, two possibilities on this elm leaf.
Turn the leaf over, and the black mites (or aphids?) are visible, barely. Such tiny lives, but so full.
Black Cherry Leaf Gall Mite.

City Nature Challenge starts today.

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