Bone Work

Grey Squirrel gnawing on a bone. You know, one of those bones you find downslope from the road where the garbage piles up…. I suspect this is like the recycling of deer antlers by mice and other mammals in the forest. Going for the calcium? This may well be the nesting female seen earlier this month.

Some raccoon remains incited this Margined Carrion Beetle (Oiceoptoma noveboracense). The females lay their eggs in rotting meat…

Same carcass: Waltzing Fly (Prochyliza xanthostoma). So named because when the males fight they supposedly look they’re dancing. The larvae will eat old meat, and stinking cheese. A name for the larvae is “cheese skipper” because they jump out of the cheese when startled. Pop! Reminds me of the tars knocking the weevils out of the hardtack in the Hornblower novels.

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