Unmistakable Feathers

The loudest avian voices during winter here are the Blue Jays. They will often mob a raptor, shrieking stridently and even attacking. It’s as good a raptor-alert system as any: attend the noisy Jays and you may very well find a Red-tail or a Cooper’s in the tree or shrub with them.
They aren’t just doing it for kicks. They know who eats them. These feathers were the remains of one under a pine.

The world warms to an unprecedented-in-human-history degree, but there can still be cold snaps like the recent one in Texas. (As always, the old slave states are the base-line of inhumanity and brutality that the white supremacists and their oligarchic masters work to return us all to.)

Meanwhile, the authoritarian-tech oligarch octopus in India, among other places.

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