Journal of the Pandemic Year Just Passed But Hardly Over

The city is littered with used masks.

I’ve worn a bandana or mask outside our apartment since March to protect myself, my loved ones, and my neighbors. I’ve also masked as a mark of community and solidarity. Alas, we have fuckers in our very building who don’t share this concern, so we have been forced to be even more careful. We also have neighboring ZIP codes, just a few blocks away, with more than 13% positivity rates, twice our ZIP’s percentage, right now. Meanwhile, Brooklyn’s Catholic diocese took state limits on in-door gatherings to SCOTUS.

SARS CoV-2, the name given to the virus nearly a year ago, has had many allies.

These fools, tools, trolls, and militant sociopaths have chosen to prolong the pandemic. They’re now responsible for killing one in every 1000 Americans (and probably more). It’s 1 in every 200 of those over 65. The average number of years a victim of COVID-19 is deprived of is 13 years, according to this month’s Harper’s Index, which also notes that the estimated years of life lost as a result of the pandemic in the U.S. is 2,500,000 years.

And all taking their lead from Trump/Pence, who along with their criminal crew and monstrous political party decided to let Americans die from the pandemic. The fact that these fuckers now get vaccines before the rest of us enrages me.

Meanwhile, states like Florida under Ron DeSantis and South Dakota under Kristi Noem have become full-fledged eugenics projects, killing off the old and the poor. If healthy white Republicans are inadvertently sacrificed to this white Republican murderousness, like the new 41-year-old Congressman from Louisiana who’ll never be seated now, so be it; their masters think they’re expendable, collateral damage. (At least four GOP COVID-denier politicians have now died of it.) Republican leadership knows they can rob their supporters blind, burn down their homes, kill their grandparents, and eat their children*, all without consequence.

Ahab bound his whole crew to his mad mission of irrational vengeance… and they all went down with the ship, barring Ishmael, and even he initially pledged himself to the doubloon on the mast and the blood-forging of the harpoon.

*Metaphorically, of course, the kleptocratic plutocracy is eating the children. They’re devouring the future.

1 Response to “Journal of the Pandemic Year Just Passed But Hardly Over”

  1. 1 Chuck McAlexander January 3, 2021 at 5:26 pm

    Even though we lopped the head off this political demon, it remains. It is a hydra and still very dangerous. We verge upon civil war Some think it a good idea while others fail to recognize the imminent danger. It is real and a very destructive way to accomplish anything. I hope I live long enough to see things put right for everyone. The alternative won’t be worth living.

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