Cooper’s Redux

The next time I passed this thicket, there were no Blue Jays to be heard.
But right out in the open, albeit on the other side of a chain-link fence, this Cooper’s looked alert.
Note the bulging upper chest. This means the bird’s crop is full of lunch.

Was it as long ago as Monday that unnamed Republicans were being quoted saying “what was the harm” in letting monster-baby Trump act like the election was stolen from him? (God-damn these reporters and editors for giving anonymity to these bastards!) The harm is a full-fledged assault on our democracy, as national and state Republicans push back on the clear majority of Americans who voted for Biden. The harm is the huge percentage of Republican voters now saying they believe there was fraud against Trump. The harm is the General Services Administration (America’s GSA, not Trump’s!) refusing to sign off on the transition, which includes enhanced Secret Service protection for the P- and VP-elects.

Saturday’s celebrations were fine and dandy, but our enemy is implacable. Are they “planning” a coup? I think plans are red herring, it’s the movement they’re making towards rejecting our votes that count, whatever the motivation (which surely includes fundraising for the Trump campaign).

Still relevant: Ten Things You Need to Know To Stop a Coup.

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