Here’s another gall for your collection:
Cypress Twig Gall Midge (Taxodiomyia cupressiananassa).
Affects Bald and Pond Cypresses. I like how they almost kinda look like the cones.

Yesterday, Trump mafia family members Ivanka and Jared tweeted that they were sending in their mail-in ballots, just hours after Trump railed again against mail-in balloting once again. He’s been lying about this for months to undermine the validity of mail-in ballots, while his own advertisements have been filled with claims he was using a mail-in ballot, going so far as show a close-up of his signature on the alleged mail-in ballot. (He seems to have voted in person in Florida this past weekend.)

Wisconsin’s Koch-funded denial of votes received after Election Day has been cleared by the Supreme Court, 5-3. (Amy Covid Coathanger Barrett would have made that 6-3. She becomes the third member of the radically reactionary SCOTUS supermajority who worked on Bush’s 2000 judicial coup.) In a sinister footnote to this Wisconsin decision, Injustice Kavanaugh has essentially announced his intention to not let votes be counted if it will help his master. The USPS is still run by a Trump loyalist (and private mail delivery profiteer), with all evidence suggesting that ballots are being delayed in the mail.

It now behooves us to vote in person if at all possible. I did it yesterday.

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