Back to the Galls

The hickories and their Caryomia genus midges continue to catch my eye. I’ve now spotted eleven species in Green-Wood, mostly on pignut (Carya glabra). Here’s my first report on this phenomenon. Above is Hickory Peach-haired Gall Midge (Caryomyia persicoides) according to my gall sensei on iNaturalist. Some species are obvious, others like this one need an internal view.
Caryomyia ansericollum, with no common name.
Hickory Onion Gall Midge (Caryomyia caryaecola).
They start out green, but Hickory Smooth Gumdrop Gall Midge (Caryomyia sanguinolenta) can turn red. Sometimes there is more than one species on a leaflet. The others here are Hickory Bullet Gall Midge (Caryomyia tubicola).
Better looks at Hickory Bullet Galls.

Hickory Bumpy Woody Gall Midge (Caryomyia tuberculata).

The full run on iNaturalist.

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