I self-isolated the political commentary for a week

but now I’m erupting:

I’ve been calling the GOP a death cult for a while now, and lately they’ve only been too happy to show the label isn’t hyperbole. Trump’s fools are swallowing fish-tank cleaners because of his criminal rambling on the TV about chloroquine: a sixty-year-old Phoenix man is now dead and his wife in the ICU, taking up critical hospital space in a pandemic. Meanwhile, bloodsuckers are suggesting that the elderly will happily make way for the young, a la Soylent Green presumably. The Bush-faced Lt. Governor of Texas, a “principled conservative,” has volunteered his generation, yet, curiously, he’s still around two days later…. Such advocates for senicide, suddenly so concerned about the young, are the same ones who oppose doing anything about climate change. The self-styled “pro-life” crowd, ladies and germs….

What these eugenics-fantasists aren’t mentioning is that CV-19 is no respecter of youth. Most victims are older, but people in their twenties and thirties are dying, too. The first under-18 death in the US was recorded the other day. Obesity, type-2 diabetes, and respiratory issues, categories that combined take in about half the U.S. population, are risk factors. And of course the medical profession, the doctors, nurses, techs, working hard on the front lines, are on the GOP’s sacrificial alters to Mammon, too.

Trump’s Satangelical Cult doesn’t care for facts or rationality or reason. Knowing his base of fundamentalistic sociopaths love his cynical lip-servce to their perverted version of Christianity, he’s promising to fill the churches for Easter — as if he knows what Easter is — while public health officials across the country and world shout “no!”

Here’s the AP breaking down this corrupt administrations’s testing “blunders.

Here’s the time line on the failure of this incompetent administration to get industry ramped up to make ventilators.

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