A Grab-Bag of Wintery Sights

In a not very wintery winter.*
A moth to be here, found on the underside of a piece of bark shed by the tree. (This is the outer side of the bark, but it was upside down on the ground.)
Another moth (I think) cocooned on a shingle oak leaf.
A mess o’ mantids.
This poison ivy has worked its way through this conifer and sprouted out at the top. Close up of some of the berries: birds love these things in winter.

For every season: raccoon prints in concrete.

*As it happens, I usually write these posts in advance. Today is probably the coldest morning this year so far: 18F at 7:30 am EST. Going to enjoy going out!

And some meat for thought. The meat industry should be vilified. It’s monstrous. And getting worse, thanks to the death cult of the GOP and their Orange Ghoul cult leader. The industry has literally gotten the OK to put more excrement into the food system.

But meat per se, that’s another matter. Consider Monbiot re-thinking his call to veganism.

1 Response to “A Grab-Bag of Wintery Sights”

  1. 1 alaspooryorick February 15, 2020 at 8:15 am

    side of e coli with that burger, please.

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