And It’s Only Friday

A water strider.

Talk about pressure! Here’s the full whistleblower complaint about Trump’s illegal attempt to get Ukraine to interfere with U.S. elections. He got away with soliciting foreign interference in 2016, so of course he would try again. It goes both ways: at least 12 governments have made payments to Trump properties since he’s been in office. (The Trump Crime Family continues to profit from the Presidency.)

Pence, Pompeo, and Barr are all implicated in the Ukraine crime. Believe nothing they say. Swearing an oath to these ethics-free, morally-depraved creatures means nothing. The unstable, mentally incontinent President — 62.9 million Americans voted for this piece of shit, when his entire scam of a life was plain to see — could do anything, so expect the worst.

Over breakfast, you don’t want to hear what I have to say about that gargoyle Rudy Giuliani. Suffice to say all the scumbags and turds are bobbing in the Trump toilet.

Remember that this is the crew leading the assault on the environment, the atmosphere, the air, the water, the soil, our food, the animals, your children, the planet’s future. This is the team running America’s concentration camps. This is the authoritarian party.

Fridays For Future.

Support the impeachment process by calling your member of Congress.

2 Responses to “And It’s Only Friday”

  1. 1 gkleing3 September 27, 2019 at 11:02 am

    I came for the photos and your knowledge of the natural world. I stay for your unvarnished take on the shit show this country has become. Keep on keeping on!

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