Pollination Reminder

This Sierra Club lecture on Wednesday looks great:


*WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13: BIRDS, BEES AND BUGS KEEP OUR GARDENS HEALTHY* Michael Hagen – Curator of the Rock Garden & Native Plant Garden, NY Botanical Garden Timothy Leslie – Associate Professor, Department of Biology, LIU Brooklyn Heather Liljengren – Supervising Seed Collector/Field Taxonomist, NYC Parks

SEAFARERS AND INTERNATIONAL HOUSE 123 East 15th Street, corner of Irving Place, Manhattan Doors open 6:30pm for refreshments Program start at 7pm

There’s also a Xerces Society training sessions on pollinators and other beneficial insects in Brooklyn on March 1.

I’ve been saving this picture, from last fall, for a winter’s day. And here’s my post on the NYC Pollinators Working Group and the pollinators, too. Turns out cities have a huge role to play in encouraging pollinators.

As you have have heard, the west coast Monarch population is in horrible shape. The east coast, however, had a pretty good year, comparatively. Monarch Watch has details. But in general, the trend all over continues to be bad.

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