Raptor Wednesday

Sometimes, you just can’t figure out what the Blue Jays are going on about. Because they often do go on. A lot. But when you also hear nuthatches calling continuously, then look out! Twice recently I’ve come across these cacophonous situations. The multiple bird/multiple species alarm was resounding. Both times, mature Cooper’s Hawk had prey inside evergreens. Where Red-tailed Hawks and even American Kestrels think nothing of eating out in the open, these hawks clearly like to take cover.In this case, it was a Mourning Dove that had met its grizzly fate.

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  1. 1 abby scher January 23, 2019 at 11:59 am

    Hi Matthew,

    Can you promote this pollinator event Feb 13 by the city Sierra Club? If there is enough interest, we might start a pollinator committee. Some of us are currently working on pollinators through the state farm/food committee of the Club.

    Thank you for your amazing posts!

    best abby scher


    *WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13: BIRDS, BEES AND BUGS KEEP OUR GARDENS HEALTHY* Michael Hagen – Curator of the Rock Garden & Native Plant Garden, NY Botanical Garden Timothy Leslie – Associate Professor, Department of Biology, LIU Brooklyn Heather Liljengren – Supervising Seed Collector/Field Taxonomist, NYC Parks

    SEAFARERS AND INTERNATIONAL HOUSE 123 East 15th Street, corner of Irving Place, Manhattan Doors open 6:30pm for refreshments Program start at 7pm

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