Bet you’ll miss us when we’re gone…*

Dürer, Ionesco, Edinburgh’s Paperback Bookshop… now Brooklyn’s otherwise corporate MetroTech plaza has a rhino, too. A trio of them, to be exact, stacked. The sculpture, “The Last Three,” by Gillie & Marc, represent the last three — now there are two — white rhinos. This is a detail.

We can and should condemn the old fools in Asia who fuel the market in rhino horn because they’re trying to get it up (it has no biological effect on potency, of course), but let’s not forget that, as Americans, we generally gobble up more resources than any other people on the planet. Just think of all the waste, the wrapping and boxes, that will end up in the trash today; all the gadgets that will have a brief life-span of novelty; all the previous gadgets that will no longer spark our novelty; the oceans of plastic shit.

*Actually, probably not. They — tomorrow’s children — won’t miss them because they will have never known them. A diminished world results in a diminished humanity. They won’t even know they’re shrunken.

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