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I accidentally launched two blog posts yesterday morning. The times are out of joint.

So: here’s a break down of the lies perpetuated by the Republicans about their concentration camps for children. There were more than a dozen contradictory statements by Trump and officials in the last week, including my favorite from the Orange Shitstain about stopping the policy, “You can’t do it by Executive Order.”

While I was writing this Wednesday afternoon, there was a rumor that Secretary of Homeland Lying Nielsen was drafting an order to end a policy that she claimed, just days ago, didn’t exist. Late in the afternoon, Trump performed one of his Executive Order signings, supposedly ending separation. Children will now be imprisoned with their parents. No efforts will be made to reunite those already separated.

Whatever the immediate outcome, the intention of this white supremacist fascist barbarism is clear: cruelty, dehumanization, chaos, outright child abuse — and the stoking of the fear and loathing of the Trumpets, the depraved supporters of this regime. Some of whom, by the way, are already on record on insisting that the camps are actually faked (by the liberal media or aliens or something) and the kids are either photoshopped or “crisis actors.”

“Concentration camps” shouldn’t be too harsh a word: such camps were invented by Americans in Cuba during the Spanish American War and perfected by the Brits in the Boer War, half a century before the Nazis. Here’s the Britannica entry: “internment centre for political prisoners and members of national or minority groups who are confined for reasons of state security, exploitation, or punishment, usually by executive decree or military order. Persons are placed in such camps often on the basis of identification with a particular ethnic or political group rather than as individuals and without benefit either of indictment or fair trial.”

No images have been allowed out of these camps where girls are being held. The propaganda ministry is only showing boys 11 and and older: they want to portray them as potential teen members of MS-13 as part of their racist narrative.

Meanwhile, contractors and “non-profits” (with CEOs making huge salaries) rake in federal money as they profiteer on this horror.

Ever wonder where the killers and monsters come from — like in the “bloodlands” between Russia and Germany during WWII; like during Yugoslavia’s crack-up; like during the Rwanda genocide? — they come from within. Civilians just doing their job, just following orders, just enforcing the law.

This is Nielsen’s second national disgrace, and it has a similar whiff of ethnic cleansing to it. Her only notable previous achievement was being in charge Bush II’s disastrous response to Katrina. (After that she cashed in on the security state bonanza as an in-bred D.C. parasite.)

This morning, I understand that, among 293 minors transported to NYC (unbeknownst to the city) there’s a 9-month-old. Let me mix my totalitarianisms: it’s a kindergulag.
This shitstorm isn’t over. Resources and actions.

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  1. 1 Doris Karnila June 21, 2018 at 10:53 am

    This is kidnapping, and I wish that the media made that clear. Kidnapping is a federal crime. They should all be arrested and put in jail. Der Fuhrer should be impeached. We should be marching on the streets demanding that happen. This is the fault of the Republican party. The craven cowards should have stopped this at their convention. He should never have been chosen.

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