Swedish Snapshots


Such beauty in the world! And such baseness! There was good news from Ireland this week, when one of the misogynist whips of what was once the state church was tossed aside, yet the U.S. still suffers under the brute nastiness of the Orange Demagogue. The American gestapo is wrenching children from their parents and nearly 1500 children have been lost in this terrorist bureaucracy. Children are being physically abused & psychically tortured. Some have been released to pimps. I have little doubt that it will soon be revealed that these children are being raped and prostituted by federal goons themselves — corrupt agents of what that vile fundamentalist Mike Pence grotesquely calls the most “pro-life” administration ever, the scum of the earth empowered by that piece of shit Trump.

Here’s a Google document list of resources to help fight for decency, compiled by an acquaintance.

3 Responses to “Swedish Snapshots”

  1. 1 Ellen May 27, 2018 at 8:40 am

    I am so thrilled that Ireland’s vote was for progress. Such a contrast to America where some people seem to want us to go backwards to back alley abortion days.
    On another note – I love the green beetle. What is it and do we have them here?

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