Ecrasez l’infame!

We interrupt our usual programing to bring you this breaking news: the plutocrats are winning the class war. Last night’s 2 a.m. passage of a unread bill stuffed with handwritten-by-lobbyists giveaways to the ultra rich is a brazenly kleptocratic transfer of wealth towards the 1% (and their children, an aristocracy in the making) with radical effects for our future, our economy, our planet, our lives, and our democracy.

Have you seen some of the rotten maggot-ridden pork in this monstrosity? Tax breaks for private schools, private jets. [It looks like the special carve-out by Senator from Oligarchy Pat Toomey for a single college supported by Betsy DeVos and other members of the radical right has been dropped because of publicity. ] Plus 13 million thrown off health insurance, opening Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the carbon rapists…

But it’s not law yet. On Monday, the rotten boroughs of the House and the money power’s bastion of the Senate will begin to “reconcile” their awful bills.

Here are some tools to fight back today and tomorrow which I cribbed from @mattbc. His point about talking to everyone you know and spreading the word is part of what I’m doing here.

Make Five Calls.
Resistbot helps you contact your reps.
Contact governors, especially Republican ones.
More tools.
Tips on writing effective letters to the editor of your local paper.

Republican Reps in blue states are particularly vulnerable because, among other things, this bill is aimed at crippling California, New York, and New Jersey and reducing them to the wasteland of Kansas, where precisely this GOP strategy was used to loot the state.

Members of Congress take money from all over the country (and, through the money laundering operations of the U.S.Chamber of Commerce, from abroad as well), so there is no reason a House member or Senator shouldn’t hear your voice even if you’re not from that district or state.

Civil Disobedience is not easy and its not for everyone (there is a good chance the nation’s law-unto-themselves police will mostly likely punish you physically), but everyone can support direct action nonviolence. One way is with donations for legal costs. Here’s one such fundraiser: CDPAction.

Yesterday was the 62nd anniversary of Rosa Parks’ refusing to move to the back of the bus. It’s often forgotten that Parks was an activist in addition to being a seamstress, so her arrest was something she was prepared for (as much as one can prepare for such things), but the resulting Montgomery Bus Boycott happened because everyday people buckled down and pitched in. And it required sacrifice, hard work (hard walking!), organization, teamwork: the boycott lasted over year.

All progress in this nation has come about because people acted, they struck, marched, petitioned, boycotted, struggled; some were murdered for their efforts, because the forces of reaction have no interest in giving up their power.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” ~ Frederick Douglass

It’s 339 days until the next national election.

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