Autumnal Thoughts

Forests are fragmented, wetlands are drained, the great anthropogenic extinction continues. Insect populations are plummeting. Life itself is under assault in the name of capital. Meanwhile, botanical gardens, of all places, are clear-cutting woodlands for parking lots. And of course, gangster oligarchs run riot across the planet, polluting and looting between occasional bouts of pissing philanthropy on the lucky peasantry.
And always there are more dead birds, billions and billions killed by toxins, habitat destruction, glass, cats, power lines, and all of the above. But you don’t often run across these ephemeral corpses.

For instance, very few of all the birds every banded have ever been seen again. All this evidence is dispatched by the armies of eaters of the dead.
They should go on strike, these bacteria, grubs, scavengers. Let the corpses pile up. That’ll show us, right? Why should it? After all, the piling up of human corpses in war has never managed to scare us off of war.

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