One Way, or Another

img_1521Northern Mockingbird defending its territory.

Trump’s choice to dismember the Department of Education and feed off its corpse is another of these cultish, right-wing, plutocratic nutbags this country produces far too many of, but of course even most Democrats have been fine with undermining public education. Yet privatization of education, as other public goods, only serves to enrich plutocrats and increase social inequality; it manifestly fails at “ejucating Amurca’s children.” Diane Ravitch, who began her career thinking “school choice” was reasonable — before she realized it was the way white Southerners weaseled out of de-segregation — is now one of our most trenchant critics of the corruptions of privatization.

1 Response to “One Way, or Another”

  1. 1 hazel December 7, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    There is something I just LOVE about that photo. Nice!

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