Pigeon Hawk

One from the archives. A 6th Anniversary highlight.

Backyard and Beyond

Falco columbariusA really nice and extended look at a Merlin (Falco columbarius) yesterday in Green-Wood. The bird gave me the big, beady eyes, too.Falco columbariusThese falcons are known for perching for a long period of time, eyes on the lookout for the prize. The surroundings were busy with Blue Jays and Monk Parakeets, both roughly the same size as this small raptor, so a bit of a stretch as prey.Falco columbariusThe faint Fu Manchu “mustache” mark is visible in these photos, coming down from the eye. This species has a broad range in North America, with three distinct populations; East Coast birds are usually “Boreal” (a.k.a Taiga), Falco columbarius columbarius. A sort of medium roast bird compared to the very light Prairie and very dark Pacific subspecies. Half a dozen other subspecies are found across northern Eurasia.Falco columbariusNote also the “eyebrow.” This species also known as Lady Hawk…

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