Homeboy Mammal

How about a non-imprisioned Groundhog for a change on this debased “holiday”?

Backyard and Beyond

First glance on rounding the corner of a shady tree: I thought this was a hairy cat on the loose. I mean, a big, low-slung hairball, one of those Persians who’s been to Paris, if you know what I mean.Marmota monaxWoodchuck. Whistlepig. Groundhog. Land beaver. Marmota monax. In Green-Wood.
Marmota monaxI’ve seen them there before, but this was my closest, most extended view. Note those rodent teeth: these animals are the largest members of the ground squirrel family in the East.Marmota monaxIt ambled about and nibbled on tender, presumably, grasses, and then hit the jackpot. Which it sat up to munch on.wc5A crab apple.
appleBut left a little. (How many apples would a woodchuck chuck… oh, never mind.) The animal took another apple and ambled over to the shadow of a bush.Marmota monaxClearly a moraine woodchuck, not a drumlin one.

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2 Responses to “Homeboy Mammal”

  1. 1 Nature on the Edge February 2, 2016 at 9:34 am

    Well fed little fella … do they not hibernate through winter?

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