Unleashed Dogs, As Usual

IMG_1956Coyote? Hirsute blonde’s interpretive dance?

No, just another unleashed dog tearing through, and up, the woodlands. The authorities — Prospect Park Alliance, Parks Department, NYPD — should make a special effort during Spring, when ground or near ground-level nesters and baby animals are particularly vulnerable, to back up the city’s leash law with some enforcement. But of course they don’t.

I’d probably go into shock if I actually saw any of the dozens of off-leashers you run into as a matter of course get a ticket.

2 Responses to “Unleashed Dogs, As Usual”

  1. 2 Paul Lamb May 12, 2015 at 5:46 am

    My daughter is diligent about observing the leash laws and off-leash times at Prospect Park. She says that some people apparently do get ticketed.

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