Life Aquatic

The fresh water ponds at Brooklyn Bridge Park were jumping with life in yesterday’s June-like weather. Bathing and drinking birds included Barn Swallows, recently returned north, Common Grackles, American Robins, Northern Mockingbirds, European Starlings, and House Sparrows, lots of House Sparrows. Water is very important for birds, and it’s been a very dry spring, so like an oasis in the desert, the water here pulls them in.

Look closer. There were tiny fish in the water:How did these fish get here, into a human-created pond that was first filled with water only two years ago? There are now a least three Red-eared sliders:But you know where they came from: the pet shop, via some irresponsible owners.

One of the first dragonflies to appear in this part of the world is the three-inch-long Green Darner. It is also one of the last we see in the fall. Some populations are migratory, traveling up and down the coast. Yes, a migratory insect. This female is laying her eggs on the underside of this floating reed remnant: A perfect example of how important natural “litter” like this is to an ecosystem.

The ponds and stream system at Pier One are small and intimate. Things are concentrated there, and make for a excellent spot to observe dragonflies.

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