Well, we were rained, or, more specifically, thunderstorm-precautioned, out of our exploration of the threatened Four Sparrow Marsh, part of New York City Wildflower Week. We hope to re-schedule sometime later this spring or summer. In the meantime…

The great Patrick Leigh Fermor (l’escargot des Carpathes) writes that his father, who was Director of the Geological Survey of India, would take these things along on expedition:

“Of course there were geological hammers, cameras, butterfly nets, map cases, sketching blocks, field glasses, reference books, steel-rimmed spectacles and vole-skin cap like half a pumpkin with side flaps as well, and pepper-and-salt knickerbockers and boots with colossal studs, which he was always oiling. The great thing, I think I remember, is to put lots of damp moss in the vasculum before setting off on a stately botanical journey.”

I usually take somewhat less.

2 Responses to “Expeditionary”

  1. 1 Brenda from Flatbush May 15, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Damn it, I have lost my vole-skin cap…and it takes a lot of voles to make even the smallest cap!

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