Catching Up

While I was out of town, I was away from all connections to the innernets for a full five days. One day, I had the opportunity to check my e-mail, but said, no thanks, why bother. I was drinking very good Scotch at the time, and eating homemade scallion & jack nachos in New Hampshire.

I missed a few things going on here: Melissa went bird banding in the Bronx. Rob checked up on the Prospect Park hawks. The Daily News had a slide show about a rescue of Prospect’s mute swans from fishing line; abandoned by immoral fishers, the line tends to kill and maim wildlife just like its big brother, loose drift nets in the sea.

I missed the snowbell and mountain laurel in Green-Wood.

I learned about two upcoming dragonfly and butterfly events at NYNABA from Marie. Be there or be a diptera.

In the Back 40, the grape tomatoes went haywire, one of them doubling in size. And my CSA begins today for the season. Strawberries! Fellow CSA member Christina is planing in Brooklyn again, this time right on the street. I popped out of the Bergen St. subway to discover her recreation of the once-Indian maize lands.

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