halloweenVarious bird skulls, crafted of, from the left, metal, white chocolate (yes!), and ceramic. Metal wishbone and ceramic turtle skull lurking on the upper right. A Halloween/Day of the Dead combo.

Early Stages

larva1This is some kind of Lacewing larva. It was found predating under the Catalpa leaves, where the ladybugs are still to be found, too, deep into October. larva2On the rocks below the trees, a lady bug pupa.

After the rain

mushroomA wet, leaf-rotting, ground-enriching fall is good mushroom weather.


Anax juniusCommon Green Darner, Anax junius.


BeechwoodThis is an approximation of the light on this appropriately yellow-blazed trail on Saturday afternoon. It was a tonic that cured what ailed us. Whatever it was that ailed us. The sun had a been a little spotty before this, and the scrubby oaks atop the hill were mostly fallen, so coming into this batch of American Beech was absolutely magical.


amphibAn American Toad looking for a place to burrow down for winter.spiderLe Dejeuner sur l’herbe with tiny spider.lichenA scattering of lichen on smooth granite. walnutsBig walnuts.

All seen on Old Croton Aqueduct Trail or in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where lies Washington Irving.

BFH Nest Down

nestBald-faced hornets (Dolichovespula maculata) have been in the news recently. There seem to be a lot of their nests in Brooklyn: a bumper crop or just people noticing more of them? While some seem to think they are the Ebola of wasps, the wasps won’t bug you if you don’t bug them, or their nest. This magnificent specimen of wasp-paper was on the ground in Prospect. This year’s wasps are mostly done, except for mated queens, who stash themselves for the winter elsewhere.


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