So Many Insects, So Little Time

Agapostemon splendens, obviously.
Looking like something out of 1950s science-fiction, the Tersa Sphinx.
Shining flower beetles.
Spittlebug nest.
Sumac leaf wrapped around… something invertebrate. There are leaf-folders and leaf-rollers; perhaps a tortricid moth caterpillar did the work here. There’s another in the background, too.
Pondhawks are known to be voracious predators. This female was eating a captured butterfly, a Cabbage White by the look of it.
The common Eastern Bumblebee is Bombus impatiens. The flower is jewelweed, i.e. Impatiens capensis.
Pearly Wood-nymph caterpillar, not to be confused with
The Eight-spotted Forester being eaten by a Spined Soldier Bug.
Common House Centipede. Harmless but “hairy.” Actually not harmless to other creatures you might not like having around the house…

Happy Labor Day.

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