Even More Sharp-shinned

As I was preparing to head out the door last Sunday, the dawn of DST, I glanced out the window occasionally to see if the Kestrels would show up at the crack of dawn. They don’t set their clocks forward, after all. A bird whooshed into the London Plain across the street and hop-skipped-flew up to a perch, its back to me. The sun had not yet hit the tree. And it was not an American Kestrel. Here’s the female Kestrel in the tree later in the afternoon for comparison’s sake. It’s amazing that these birds are using the same tree to perch in.Dawn’s first arrival was a — if not, as I suspect, the — female Sharpie.By the time I got outside, the bird had flown, but as I descended the moraine towards 5th Avenue, I caught sight of her again. Now the sun was on her.What a difference the light makes in how she looks! (All these photo opportunities make me covetous of a camera with a real lens.)

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